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Website Hosting Articles

What exactly is cloud web hosting? And what is hosting in general? What exactly is a VPS? What is a domain? Learn the answers to these and many other commonly asked questions within our detailed website hosting articles.

VPS Hosting

VPS or Virtual Servers are the budget alternative to dedicated servers. But cheap does not mean under-powered - VPS hosting features top price to feature ratio at very decent prices.

How does cPanel Hosting work?

The cPanel hosting control panel is the most commonly used control panel in the market place. However, it is also quite old and is built based on ideologies from the year 2000 to get the work done. It is an antique dinosaur that gets the job done, but antiquated. See how cPanel website hosting really works.

Dedicated Hosting

What are dedicated hosting servers, and how can they assist your website(s) growth? How to select the right dedicated hosting server plan for you. Learn about the differences between dedicated hosting and shared website hosting.

Domain Manager

In order to completely manage your domain(s), you need a fully featured domain management system. This is where our free Domain Manager really shines through - with all the services you could possibly need for managing your domain name(s) properly.

Best Hosting

What is the best website hosting service for you and your website? How do you pick the best website hosting provider for your needs? Should you pick a virtual private server or a dedicated server, or do you simply need a shared website hosting plan? Learn what you need to know using these hosting articles to make an informed decision.

Web Hosting Services

The hosting service is the technology behind every website on the globe. It's the combination of server web space and service that allows for a website to be seen. Learn more about the hosting service within our dedicated article.

Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting is a service almost as old as website hosting in itself. It gives the chance for ordinary people to make money selling website hosting plans to their own clients, without having to invest in any equipment and without the need for any specific experience.

Domain Web Hosting

Choosing web hosting for your domain name is not easy and Snap Builder Hosting is ready to help. What are the features you need to search for and what is the right website hosting option for you. Learn more about this in our domain web hosting article.

Web Hosting

Website hosting is one of the top Google searches over recent years. While most times hosting is equal to shared hosting, it may also mean virtual private server hosting as well. Learn about the different types of website hosting options.

Semi-dedicated Hosting

If you are in need of more power than a shared website hosting account can offer you, but don't want to manage a whole web server - the semi-dedicated hosting solution is just the right plan for you. Learn more about it in our detailed article.

Domain Names

A domain name is a must have prerequisite in today's business world. The domain name URL is the name of your website and is how people will reach your website address. Learn more about domain names and their importance in our detailed article.

Affordable Hosting

Low-cost or affordable website hosting plan packages doesn't mean under powered website hosting. In today's world, many web hosting providers lower the pricing to gain more customers. Learn what the differences are between affordable hosting and bad website hosting services.

What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud web hosting is something quite new to the website hosting community and most people don't really understand what cloud hosting really is, exactly. At Snap Builder Hosting, we will demonstrate everything you need to know about cloud hosting.

SSL Certificates

SSL certificates are a must have prerequisite if you have a web store or sell ites or services from your website. However, getting them to work can be | sometimes is complicated. Learn how to get an SSL with Snap Builder Hosting without any extra work.

Shared Website Hosting

Shared website hosting plans are the most inexpensive and popular hosting solution for small and personal websites. At Snap Builder Hosting we have top shared hosting services at affordable prices.

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Data Centers

Web Accelerators

Improve your website(s) load speed with the help of our built-in tools.

Advanced Domain Manager

Our free Domain Manager allows you to manage all your domain names from a single location! Edit the WHOIS, change name servers or set parked domains with a single click.