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What Precisely is cPanel Hosting?

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A factoid, 98% of the website hosting plan offerings throughout the entire website hosting marketplace supply the same exact thing: cPanel. There's no diversity what-so-ever. Even the cPanel Hosting price points are basically identical... this even includes our own cPanel package prices, because our purchase price is the same as their's. This in itself gives those who require a top website hosting plan package virtually no other website hosting platform/web hosting Control Panel options, if they don't fully research options that are available from all hosting companies. So, it breaks down to a simple fact: out of more than 200,000+ website hosting company names found throughout the world wide web, the non-cPanel based control panels are less than 2%! Seriously, 2%, that's a mere fraction of all hosting companies world wide.

200k "Hosting companies", all of which are cPanel-based, yet inferior

The 200,000+ website hosting company "offerings" found on the internet, Google shows us, boils down to just one and the very same solution: cPanel. Under 200,000+ different website hosting brand company names offering the same-ole, same-ole hosting plans. Now, let's suppose you're merely an average person who's not very familiar with (as the majority of customers are) website creation procedures and website platforms, etc. Are you prepared to make an informed hosting selection? Is there any web hosting option you can opt for, knowing all facts? Sure there is, at the moment there are more than 200,000+ website hosting service providers out there offering the same cPanel services for different prices (this includes us too, if you choose the cPanel option)... that's 98% of all hosting companies offering nothing more, nothing less, than their competitor... yay, if this is all you need. All we have to say about this little factoid is, we're extremely happy that we have a renowned help support team that answers all customer inquiries within 60 minutes... guaranteed... because that's basically the only saving grace statement that we can honestly say separates our cPanel website hosting services from our competitors... our hosting plan package prices will be comparable priced as others. cPanel is just that... cPanel.

The Hosting LOTTERY that many shoppers participate in

Simple arithmetic reveals that to come across a non-cPanel based website hosting provider is a great stroke of luck... because it's only 2% of all the website hosting companies found world wide that don't offer cPanel. The average consumer does not know any different... how would they, if they didn't just happen to get a stroke of lottery luck to be informed that there are different choices available. There is a less than a 1 in 50 chance that a phenomenon like this can even occur! Less than 1 in 50... congratulations on your discovering Snap Builder Hosting!

The strengths and weaknesses of the cPanel Hosting solution

Let's not be to fierce with cPanel. At least, in the years 2001-2004 cPanel was modish and possibly covered all website hosting industry prerequisites during that period in time. To put it briefly, cPanel can do the job for you if you have one single domain to host. You can easily learn the cPanel quirks working with a single domain. However, if you have more domain names... oh the joy of major frustration will bestow you!

Weakness No.1: A laughable domain folder arrangement

If you have two or more domain names, be very careful not to completely delete the add-on domains (that's how cPanel will dub each new hosted domain you add, which is not the original default domain: an add-on domain). The files of the add-on domain names are very simple to delete on the cPanel hosting server, since they all are situated directly into the root folder of the default domain, which is the public_html folder. Each add-on domain is a folder located within the folder of the default domain name. Like a sub-folder. Let's take a look at the absolutely horrible cPanel domain name folder configuration:

public_html (here is located)

public_html/my-family (a folder part of

public_html/ (an add-on domain)

public_html/my-second-wife (a folder part of

public_html/ (an add-on domain)

public_html/ (an add-on domain)

public_html/my-third-wife (a folder part of

public_html/ (an add-on domain name)

public_html/rebeka (a folder part of

public_html/ (a sub-domain of an add-on domain)

Are you becoming perplexed? We clearly are!

Disadvantage Number Two: The same mail folder setup

The electronic mail folder configuration on the server is literally the same as that of the domains... Repeating the same mistake twice?!? ... Brilliant! ... The admin blokes firmly strengthen their faith in God when coping with the mail folders on the cPanel email server, having faith in god hoping not to screw things up too seriously.

Problem No.3: A sheer shortage of domain management user interfaces

Do we have to bring up the shortage of a contemporary domain name management user interface - a location where you can: easily register/transfer/renew/park or manage domains, modify domains' Whois info, secure the Whois info, modify/create name servers (DNS) and Domain Name System resource records? cPanel does not include any such "contemporary" user interface what so ever. That's a huge disadvantage. An unforgivable one, we would like to firmly state...

Drawback No.4: Numerous user login places (min two, maximum 3)

What about the necessity for another login to make use of the billing, domain name and tech support administration user interface? What the heck is that all about!? That's apart from the cPanel account login credentials you've been already given by the cPanel Hosting corporation. Sometimes, on the basis of the billing transaction platform (particularly conceived for cPanel solely) the cPanel Hosting service provider is availing of, the zealous customers can wind up with 2 additional logins (1: the billing transaction/domain name management GUI; 2: the trouble ticket support system), winding up with an aggregate of 3 user login locations (including cPanel itself).

Drawback No.5: 120+ website hosting Control Panel departments to learn... Oh, let the joy begin!

cPanel offers 120+ menu department options inside the website hosting Control Panel. It's a glorious idea to learn each one of these departments in order to maintain your website.... this is extremely insolent on cPanel's side. Fortunately, for you, we dislike cPanel and it's not the year 2001! Snap Builder Hosting offers superior 21st century cloud hosting plan packages on our world wide servers. You can select from 3 different continents for your server based location, at ultra low rates on signup.
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